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So, you want more revenue and new clients for your MSP... but there's a BIG problem 🙁

Most MSPs want to generate more revenue and get new clients, both of which will have a positive impact on your personal income.

But there’s a big problem, isn’t there…? The problem is… marketing is a distress activity for you! And you probably have a ton of questions, starting with:

  • What’s the easiest way to get new leads and appointments?
  • Which marketing activities are working best right now?
  • How can you implement them when you have little time?
  • And where do you even start…???
MSP Marketing Action Monthly

I have good news.
All the answers you need are here

Introducing the
MSP Marketing Action Monthly

Quick, easy to understand marketing actions
for MSPs who want better marketing but don't have the time

December 2022

This is a physical printed 16 page newsletter that arrives at your doorstep every month

(plus you get digital copies, of course. You get instant access those in the next 60 seconds)

It’s designed to be a quick read

A fun dive into practical marketing actions that you can implement quickly and easily. And there’s support from me personally as well

Here’s what’s inside every issue

November 2022

✅ Marketing strategy ✅
Understand the 4 marketing headaches that stop MSPs from getting new clients – and how to overcome them

✅ The big picture ✅
A look at the big themes that make it easier to grow an MSP, including Monthly Recurring Revenue and client retention

✅ Practical MSP marketing ✅
How to maximise tools like LinkedIn, your website, social proof, and persuading prospects to buy cyber security packages

✅ MSP Millionaire ✅
All the different elements you need to conquer to create an MSP that does $1,00,000 in revenue – and more

✅ Inspiration ✅
It’s lonely being an MSP owner. Let me inspire you and give you motivation to keep going till you get the results you want

And so much more...

✅ 5 mins wins ✅
Simple but powerful MSP marketing ideas you can implement quickly and benefit from in just a few days (or less)

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But wait... there are HUGE bonuses for you as well
Your MSP should be spitting out cash every day
My bonuses show you how to transform it
When you start your 30 day free trial, you’ll get these five INVALUABLE bonuses.
They’re yours to keep, whether you become a newsletter subscriber or not.
Your MSP's never-ending ATM

Bonus 1, value $249

The unbeatable 5 step strategy to sell more to existing clients, strengthening their bond with you, and better protecting them against cyber security threats

This 48 page printed growth manual “Your MSP’s never-ending ATM” lays out the exact process you need to generate tons more Monthly Recurring Revenue and net profit from your existing clients.

We’ll look at the psychology of how and why they buy, and the simple actions you need to take. Your clients will buy more, respect you more, AND be better protected. Everyone wins.

I’ll ship a copy to you in the mail.
Plus you’ll get instant access to a digital version in the next few minutes.

Bonus 2, value $249

FAST RESULT: Free up your valuable time without ever dropping a ball. You’ll know exactly what to do, 23 mins from now

Give me just 23 minutes of your time for this MSP Time Machine video series, and I’ll show you the quick wins to free your time and get stuff off your plate (without guilt or worry). No gimmicks, no silver bullets. Just practical advice about what’s working for other MSPs.

You’ll get instant access to this training in the next few minutes. 

MSP Time Machine
Bonus templates

Bonus 3, value $199

Never sit there wondering how to communicate to clients
Swipe and adapt these proven MSP templates

You’ll get instant access to these 10 invaluable MSP sales letters, templates and checklists. They’re designed specifically for ambitious growing  MSPs, and include:

  • A letter to turn break/fix clients into managed service clients
  • A letter to send to existing clients about increasing your prices
  • A productivity planner, and a checklist to run a daily huddle with your technicians
  • A unique 90 day plan to urgently generate more cash for your MSP

Bonus 4, value $99

You’ll never again be stuck for a marketing idea. Here’s 50 of them arranged into beautiful art you can hang on your wall

You’ll get instant access to this beautiful hand drawn mindmap of MSP marketing ideas. Never be stuck for a marketing idea again! Print off this one page mindmap and pin it to your board. Or frame it and hang it on your wall. Any time you need to improve your website, LinkedIn or sales, there’ll be an idea sat there waiting for you.

Paul Green

Bonus 5, value... priceless 😃

You could be working with me personally to fix your marketing and turn it into a machine that spits out cash and new clients

How do you fancy a guaranteed increase in MRR of $10,000 a month… and that’s a bare minimum guaranteed increase?

You’ll be entered into an exclusive draw just for subscribers to the MSP Marketing Action Monthly. One lucky person drawn at random will get a free VIP place in my upcoming 2023 MRR Revolution program. 

Don’t worry, it’s fully remote. And it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever done. I’ll be working with a small hand picked group of MSPs over 18 months, to fix, direct and enhance every single area of their marketing. 

If you’re the lucky winner, you won’t have to pay a penny for VIP access to the program (saving you up to $30,000).

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100% guarantee

Your 100%, total protection, Triple Guarantee

Guarantee 1: If you implement just a fraction of the ideas in this newsletter, you will generate new leads and new revenue for your MSP. If you don’t, email us saying HELP ME and we’ll give you personalized help to get you going in the right direction.

Guarantee 2: You’ll love every issue of this newsletter so much, you’ll want to take it on dates, give it flowers, and introduce it to your parents. If you disagree, just mail that issue back to us with a note saying “sorry, this sucks” and we’ll give you a full refund.

Guarantee 3: Whether you’re in a trial or you’re a paying subscriber, you can cancel your subscription any time at the click of a button. You don’t have to speak to a human or negotiate with anyone! Press a button and that’s it. 

That's THOUSANDS of $$ of incredible bonuses, when you start your 30 day risk-free trial

30 day free trial

then $29.99 a month

You pay nothing now. After 30 days you’ll pay $29.99 a month. Cancel any time

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