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A unique live online challenge that makes it FUN to improve your marketing
Live Zooms start Monday June 26th, 2023

Hey, this is MSP marketing expert Paul Green. Question: How happy are you right now with the performance of your website? 

If you’re like many MSPs I speak to, you might consider your website to be a “huge wasted marketing opportunity”. In fact, I recently asked some of the MSPs who get my emails what most annoys them about their websites. Here are some of the answers…

Website home page replies

Do you feel their pain? And looking at your own website, can you relate to these answers??

Because you know that your website home page is SUPER IMPORTANT. It’s the first thing a prospect sees. Your shop front. We really do judge the book by the cover… and if your website home page isn’t good enough, people will land on your site, have a quick look, then hit the back button… from potential client to wasted opportunity in just 3 seconds 😱

If improving your website is a distress activity,
here’s an easy way to get started

Don’t keep putting it off again and again and again… work directly with me to get it done in the next two weeks.
Together we’ll make doing marketing fun 😃 and get better results from your website.

Unique live online challenge

Fix your website’s home page

Live Zooms start Monday June 26th, 2023

This is so simple. We’ll jump on a short series of 30 min Zooms to look at the different elements you need to get right in your home page.

Monday 26th June: Headlines
My 21 suggestions for you to swipe and adapt

Thursday 29th June: Images
5 ways to get great photos

Monday 3rd July: Videos
The videos you want and how to get them

Thursday 6th July: Page structure
Your home page should be in this order and contain all these elements

Monday 10th July: Show and tell

See what time these calls are in your timezone. Remember, they’ll be recorded & transcribed

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HUGE BONUS: You can join a unique WhatsApp group that lasts just for this live challenge. 

It means you can interact with me and the other MSPs on the challenge as you’re making your home page improvements.

Get instant feedback and support in a safe enviroment, from people who are trying to achieve the same as you.

Your investment: Just $9.99

I know what you’re thinking. “But Paul, why would you do all this work for so little cash?”. Let me tell you what my marketing strategy is, so you can understand the bigger picture.

My overriding mission is to help as many MSPs as I can to fix their marketing. Because | know that when you get your marketing right, it’s dramatically easier to grow your business and achieve the lifestyle you most desire.

Your Big Goal is to generate enough spare cash to enjoy the things you want to do, and enough spare time to do them, while still delighting your customers… right?

By asking you to invest just $9.99 in this Live Challenge, I’m inviting you to start a deeper working relationship with me. There’s a big difference between listening to my podcast or watching my YouTube videos, and us starting to work together on fixing your MSP’s marketing.

Maybe we’ll go on to tackle something else together, maybe we won’t. That’s OK with me either way. Because at least I’ll know you have the best possible advice I can give you on fixing your website (one of your most important marketing tools).

Join me on this Live Challenge for only $9.99

Calls start Monday June 26th, 2023

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PS if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer is… for $9.99 you’re joining me on a unique live challenge to fix your website’s home page.

We’ll have 5x short Zoom calls to look at the most important elements, plus a WhatsApp group that lasts just for the challenge. For $9.99, you can FINALLY get your website’s home page fixed. Calls start Monday June 26th, 2023. Let’s go!

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