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Hey, this is MSP marketing expert Paul Green. You’re going to want to give this one immediate attention, as few MSPs are doing it, but it WORKS.

Plus it’s time limited. It’s a hot new LinkedIn feature that’s getting lots of algorithmic attention right now, but LinkedIn could cool it any day.


See exactly what other MSPs are doing to make the most of LinkedIn
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Paul Green

I work with 700+ MSPs in the US, UK and 17 other countries. And most of them have the same marketing problems.

Perhaps you do, too. If you can get a meeting with a prospect, you get the sale! But how do you get the meeting in the first place?

How do you start a conversation with business owners who don’t really seem to care about technology? How do you know if they’re frustrated enough with their incumbent MSP that they’re thinking of switching?

What’s the best way to do all of this when a) you don’t have enough time as it is, and b) marketing seems complicated and you don’t know where to start?

Relax. You Are Not Alone 😃

I hear this (and more) from virtually every MSP I speak to. And the long-term answer is to build a marketing machine that systemizes the world’s most effective MSP marketing strategy:

Build multiple audiences of prospects to listen to you

Build a relationship with them

Commercialize that relationship

However… if you have no time, good news. There’s a shortcut

Normally I tell MSPs there are NO shortcuts, and you have to do the hard work. And certainly that’s true in the long-term.

But every now and then, a shortcut appears and hangs about for a bit… and while it won’t fix your marketing long-term, it can help you get a jump ahead.

There’s a massive shortcut that’s quietly being used by a small band of MSPs right now… LinkedIn Newsletters.

It’s a new-ish way of publishing content inside LinkedIn that punches WAY above its weight. Newsletters get more attention and interaction than regular content. And engagement is your best friend when warming up prospects.

Not only that, when you publish a newsletter it’s actually emailed to your prospects as well. With one small piece of work you can hit prospects in their social feed and on their email. This is smart multi-platform marketing, and LinkedIn has made it very, very easy for you.

In fact, LinkedIn has also made it easy for you to:

LinkedIn Newsletters

Isn’t that awesome! Of course, there’s a “but”…

Today, Linkedin Newsletters is the hot thing at LinkedIn HQ. They’re using their algorithm and enormous marketing power to get more people like you and me publishing LinkedIn Newsletters.

Of course that will change. At some point there’ll be some other “shiny new thing” that a product manager somewhere will want to focus on. And just like that, LinkedIn Newsletters will just become another one of the content tools available to you. But it won’t have the CUT THROUGH MARKETING power that it has today.

If you don’t want to miss this time-limited opportunity, I can help you. Right now, with this…

Introducing my latest

MSP Marketing Success Map:
LinkedIn  Newsletters

Based on the work I’ve done with dozens and dozens of MSPs who are succeeding with this, I’ll show you exactly how to:

WIN 1)
Get LinkedIn Newsletters set up quickly and easily

WIN 2)
Build your subscriber base week after week

WIN 3)
Find or generate amazing content without ever having to type a word (unless you really want to)

WIN 4)
Turn all your LinkedIn Newsletter attention into proper leads

WIN 5)
Do this in less than 60 minutes a week. Or better still, outsource it to someone who can do it for you (and I mean a $20 per hour virtual assistant, not a greedy marketing agency that will drain your cash for little results)

Your investment: Just $9.99

OK, | know what you’re thinking… “Hey Paul, why such a low price? The information you’re promising here seems worth a TON more than that.”

Yes, that’s correct. Let me tell you what my marketing strategy is, so you can understand the bigger picture.

My overriding mission is to help as many MSPs as I can to fix their marketing. Because | know that when you get your marketing right, it’s dramatically easier to grow your business and achieve the lifestyle you most desire.

Your Big Goal is to generate enough spare cash to enjoy the things you want to do, and enough spare time to do them, while still delighting your customers… right?

By asking you to invest just $9.99 in this MSP Marketing Success Map, I’m inviting you to start a deeper working relationship with me. There’s a big difference between listening to my podcast or watching my YouTube videos, and us starting to work together on fixing your MSP’s marketing.

Maybe we’ll go on to tackle something else together, maybe we won’t. That’s OK with me either way. Because at least I’ll know you have the best possible advice I can give you on this hot and “now” MSP marketing tactic.

Grab your copy of this
MSP Marketing Success Map
now for only $9.99

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PS if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer is… for $9.99 you’re getting my MSP Marketing Success Map for LinkedIn Newsletters.

It’s the hot marketing tactic used by a small band of MSPs. But it’s marketing power is time limited, as LinkedIn will stop giving it so much attention at some point in the near future. For $9.99, you can jump on this NOW.

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